Love + Grit

Tiny Room for Elephants & Eric ”Bus Driver Doo” Lilley

July 7, 2022

Yaya Horne, Damion Ward and Eric “Bus Driver Doo” Lilley are showing off Philly in different ways, but spreading the love as they do. Horne and Ward, co-founders of Tiny Room for Elephants, discuss how their month-long festival fuses the work of artists and musicians committed to creating unexpected works. The inspiration for this year's festival is "'made with love and inspired by grit.” We like the sound of that! Next up is Lilley, a SEPTA bus driver who made a big impression on social media by sharing interesting stories from his routes. Over the years, he's watched passengers try to fit a mattress on his bus and doled out plenty of advice on how to be a good passenger. 


Also, find out our hosts' favorite LGBTQIA+ business/spot in town!